Kiyoko Fueki

Born on August 4th, 1975; lives in Isesaki-shi, Gunma prefecture in Japan; graduated from the Department of Art History, Faculty of Letters, Gunma Women's University; works at a photo shop.

Since she was 22 years old, Kiyoko has been suffering from panic attacks. Once she lost all her hopes and dreams, but a new hope arose like the sun always rises again.

Sun's Aura Photo(Love sunlight)  is a great gift from the sun to her. Now she believes that she will get over her suffering, and dreams of taking photographs of the sun with landscapes around Japan and the rest of the world with her cellphone camera and show her works to people all over the world.


As all images produce pink and green colours, which are colours of love, Kiyoko believes that the sun shows its love toward people with those colours, as well as heals people and wishes the world peace. She wants to convey her pleasures and impressions that the sun always gives us such beautiful colours via her photographs, and hopes that her photographs shall help people with healing.

Overseas exhibition


 ”Shanghai M50 exhibition” fugetsusha Gallery(Shanghai)


 ”MOVE exhibition in Berlin” KUNSTGALLERY PRINZ(Berlin)

 ”MOVE exhibition in New York” OUCHI GALLERY(New York)

 ”MOVE exhibition in Istanbul” Besiktas Cagdas(Istanbul)


 ”Japanese selected artists exhibition” Caelum Gallery(New York)

 ”MOVE exhibition in Berlin” KUNSTGALLERY PRINZ(Berlin)


 ”WORLD PEACE ART EXHIBITION 2017” Lalit Kala Akademi(New Delhi,India)



​ ”Art Shopping Paris” Carrousel du Louvre(Paris)

 ”Japan Art Festivai in Athens 2019” Megaron Athens International Conference Center(Athens)

 ”Red Dot Miami”  Mana Wynwood(Miami)

About Love sunlight

All photographs of the sun were taken by a mobile phone. 

The wave motion of solar healing.Please feel the energy.

I would like you to be healed. 


Please enjoy the Sun's wonderful color that's never been seen before.

It is said that a true color of the sun is green.

All photographs of this sun show green and pink.

Green is the color of healing and wishing everyone's happiness and pink is the color of love.

The color of the photograph shows that the sun loves everyone and it wishes happiness.

The sun give us very beautiful color light everyday,it is very wonderful pleasure and impression.

I hope many people feel it.

Process and the explanation that are simple 

January, 2006

By chance, I took a photograph of the sun on my cell phone and to my surprise a colorful picture was taken.

Since then, every time I took a picture of the sun, it always was beautiful, which I thought was interesting, so I decided to post those photos on my personal web page (Japanese SNS Mixi).

Later on, I discovered that when I pray and think of a positive word when I take photos it changes the sun's colors.

My photographs have gained the reputation that people can be healed just be looking at them. 

It was proven by the energy scientists that there is healing energy found in all of my photographs.

 Comment I have received from an energy researcher:

"I've seen your photographs. Normally we don't see any energy from photos. It is very interesting.

There is energy detected from all of your photographs.

It is wonderful. Your photographs have the energy to heal. People who see them will be healed. "


The demands for my photographs have increased and now there are many people from all over Japan who have purchased the photos.


Concept / Techniques

 En photographiant le soleil à la manière toute naturelle, apparaissent paradoxalement toutes sortes de couleurs qui font de la photo une œuvre d'art. Quant à cette photo, je l'ai prise avec l'idée de la « paix ». Le soleil diffuse aux quatre coins du monde l'amour sous la couleur rose et la paix sous la forme de rayons verts. Qu'il communique de la joie et de l'émotion pour calmer le cœur des hommes !


Née en 1975, opératrice dans un laboratoire photo. Après avoir étudié les arts à l'université, j'ai souffert de crises de panique qui m'a empêchée de sortir de la maison. À l'âge de 30 ans, j'ai photographié le soleil qui a paru énigmatique et réputée pour adoucir les personnes. Depuis cette expérience, je crée aujourd'hui des œuvres sur le thème de la lumière et de la douceur autour de la photo du soleil, pour encourager les autres comme moi-même.

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